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About Us

Hlustik, Huizenga, Williams & Vander Woude, Ltd. is a business law firm located in downtown Chicago. We offer a broad range of legal and tax consulting services to a wide variety of businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, professionals, and individuals. For a diversity of client needs, we provide a personal, practical and experienced approach--at fees more affordable than those of larger firms for comparable services.

Although we are a small firm, each attorney--through advanced education and extensive experience, has concentrated in different areas of commercial and tax law. By limiting our practice to those areas, we are able to offer more sophisticated and specialized services to our clients. In addition, we believe that our size makes us preferable to larger firms in two ways:

Our costs are lower, resulting in more affordable fees for our clients.

We are able to offer more personalized service, and become more intimately familiar with clients' affairs.

Services provided for many of our clients often include business and management consultation, as well as legal representation. This enables us to approach legal matters in a practical and pragmatic way.


The firm was founded in 1968 by Jack R. Hlustik, Peter H. Huizenga, and Richard John Williams. Peter no longer actively practices with the firm, instead devoting the majority of his time to capital management, and to various other philanthropic and private business endeavors. He is of counsel to the firm, and is available to consult with us. Paul S. Vander Woude, Christina Kinton, and Alicia L. Hlustik joined the firm in 1976, 1987, and 2002, respectively.

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